Mentoring Programmes

Skills will be developed, resilience built and change managed more positively through customised training & mentoring programmes.

The mentoring sessions will be designed to address and resolve specific issues within the individual’s area of responsibility.

They will take into account the individual’s skill levels, observed mindsets and behaviours. The focus is on unlocking potential and removing barriers which are impeding your company’s development.

A customised Team Best Practice session will, if necessary, be followed by an Open Forum.

The key programmes designed and delivered are:

  • Effective Leadership for CEO’s
  • Teamwork Best Practice
  • Sales – Improving Revenue & Margin
  • Personal Development Programmes

Examples of Programme Topics are:

Effective Leadership for CEO’s: Topics

  1. Personal Attributes of a Leader
  2. Personal Vision
  3. Strategy Development
  4. Strategy Development in the Client Company
  5. 7 Highest Value Activities for a CEO
  6. 7 Highest Value Activities for CEO of Client Company
  7. CEO KPI’s

Teamwork Best Practice: Topics

  1. Individual Performance
  2. Definition of a Team
  3. What Team Members Expect
  4. What the CEO Expects from the Team
  5. Destructive Behaviours in a Team
  6. Resolving Conflict
  7. Team Excellence

Sales – Improving Revenue & Margin: Topics

  1. Sales KPI’s
  2. Reaching your sales target
  3. Sales communication
  4. The sales interview
  5. Follow up after the sale
  6. Cold call techniques
  7. Building business relationships

Personal Development Programmes

  1. Communicating Effectively
  2. Managing Your Time – job specific
  3. Maintaining Self-confidence
  4. Dealing with Stress
  5. Achieving Your Goals
  6. Decision Making
  7. Negotiation: Strategies & Techniques


A Performance Appraisal system, which is applicable to operations, sales and finance functions, will be implemented during your interim assignment with Engage LeadershipRead More

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