Specific outcomes from an interim assignment with Engage Leadership include:

  1. New or revised procedures are implemented across all the business functions.
  2. Recommendations on cost savings and improving margin are made.
  3. Support on adherence to project timelines and budget is provided.
  4. Individual employee performance is measured against best practice and company strategy.
  5. Performance is improved through behavioural change – providing direct feedback on individuals’ behavioural patterns.
  6. A Performance Appraisal system, which is applicable to operations, sales and finance functions, is implemented.
  7. Skills are developed through customised training and mentoring programmes. For more details, see website page titled: Mentoring Programmes.
  8. Change management principles are applied to assess next steps, areas of resistance and, if necessary, to recommend restructure of the organisation.
  9. In the case of a manufacturing company, the process is reviewed using lean methodologies e.g. Six Sigma and 5S, and recommendations made for waste elimination & increased efficiency.  For more details, see website page titled: Manufacturing Companies.

Mentoring Programmes

Skills will be developed, resilience built and change managed more positively through customised training & mentoring programmes… Read More

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