Engage Leadership – Interim Management & Mentoring



Engage Leadership provides interim management and mentoring services to organisations across a range of sectors. In doing so, it solves problems, helps ensure projects are delivered on time and provides expert guidance in critical areas of your business.


  • Engagement with the CEO / Owners on high-level problem identification and problem solving e.g. project management, process conformance and improvement, team leadership issues, team development and strategy development takes place.
  • Arising from these discussions the Terms of Reference, with timelines for the assignment, is agreed.
  • Time is spent with the senior managers and key team members, identifying and working critical issues, clarifying roles and agreeing on KPI’s.
  • Individual mentoring sessions, linked as much as possible to the business, are conducted with the team.
  • Regular reviews take place with the CEO / Owners to ensure the assignment objectives are being met.


The main outcomes from an interim assignment with Engage Leadership are:

  1. Projects are delivered on time and within budget.
  2. The management team is more accountable and self directed.
  3. Customer satisfaction is increased.
  4. Change, necessary to obtain or maintain profitable growth, is accomplished.
  5. Strategic skills are further developed to help accelerate growth in new and existing markets.

Please browse the website for details of the benefits for your organisations from an intervention by Engage Leadership, and contact me for a preliminary discussion.

Family Businesses

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